by fegi100

Strathmore taught me well. That it is from the sanctity of marriage that family commences. The old school way, the reserved way and the right way according to those with fairy tale mentalities. Whereby an adult man and an adult woman meet, get to know one another, date, engage , marry, have children and live rosily ever after. Now, we have gay marriages popping up like mushrooms and I am a strong believer that this totally aims at destroying the sanctity of marriage and consequently the family. Call me reserved or whatever you like, but it is the truth. But I will be careful to state that tolerating gay marriages and tolerating gay people are two distinct things. How do two adult men who have decided to suck each other’s cocks threaten you. Even if they decide to show some PDA however disgusting it may be (yukk!) how does that threaten you? Then why is it some of us despise gay men/women simply for…being gay… more than we do the shit head that decides to mug us? or the wanker that decides to rape our sister? or the policeman that extorts bribes from us for no apparent reason just so that YOU pick up his drinking tab? or the fucker that hates you just because you stem from a different tribe? And what about the teacher/ Italian catholic priest who decides to grab you’re 10 year old balls or slivers his fingers up you’re skirt during confession…fully clad in a rosary and priest’s collar if I may add? And oh! The fuck face that steals my bro’s free primary education fund? Now, I’m not asking you to like, love or tolerate gay people. Rather, accept that there are gay peeps around us and that they are here to stay. And just like you they are human too. If anything some of them have more to contribute to this world than the rest of you ever have or will. Just ask Plato and Julius Caesar and famous gay designers such as Marc Jacobs. What the fuck have you done? And the more we spend our time oppressing their fetish for doggy styles and cock sucking let us not forget that mankind throughout history has had a knack of absolving themselves from oppressors. The Israelites from the Egyptians, the world from Hitler, Africans from colonialists, South African’s from apartheid, the relentless African American civil rights movement in the 60’s etc etc.

So last week some faggot couple from Kilifi down at…you guessed it…Mombasa, stupidly decided to get married, in daylight…IN KENYA! (real idiots by the way), All hypocrisy was bound to break loose. So called  ‘Christians’ and ‘muslims’ (both of who were FYI 70% homo I’m sure) converged to violently evict them and evict the gayness in them. Yeah! Instead of condemning the act of fucking each other’s wives and Al shabbab. Kenyan’s are such losers. All the problems we have and this is what we decide to channel our energies  to.We grab public parks meant for schools, hate each other because we come from certain tribes, sodomise our sons, rape our daughters, clear forests, rig elections etc etc. But we all meet up and discuss how wrong two adult homos are? And bring an entire town to a halt while doing so.

Now, I don’t read pretend to read the Bible much nor do I go to church much but back in Sunday school when church was compulsory I do remember a quote from the Bible. John8: 7-11 ‘he that is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone at her …and Jesus said unto her , Neither do I condemn thee: Go and sin no more.” Christ gave us an agency to choose what we want but we are not supposed to be forced into doing so. So stop trying to beat the faggotism out of faggots and channel that energy to planting trees in the Mau you imbeciles.If you have some anger in you, then vent it out in the gym or join an art class or something. But for Pete’s sake don’t dress in clad designed by them, watch movies directed by them, drink medicines and vaccines discovered by them and then… throw stones at them. It’s 2010 and if you can’t shift from backward, retrogressive, cavalier and deplorably callous modes of thinking then you have no place in this world. Kataa hiyo!!

spread the love this valentine’s day!